3tentos Digital

Our digital initiatives collaborate in a representative manner for the relationship and recurrence of the relationships we establish with our customers. We develop digital interfaces that connect our farming clients to our consultants, with ease and agility. The smartphone apps “App 3tentos”, “App consultor” and the “Terra3” platform are examples of the cutting edge and constant innovation in our businesses.

App 3tentos

An application developed by 3tentos with a focus on offering farmers convenience and management assistance.
The app includes several features, such as agronomic weather forecasting, agricultural calculators, grain prices, electronic document signature, 3tentos product offers, digital certificate compatibility, and much more.

App 3tentos + Electronic Fiscal Invoicing

The App 3tentos is the only app in Brazil that can sell stored production remotely using Electronic Fiscal Invoicing (NFe). 3tentos is the pioneer in the issuance of NF-e for delivery of grain production, replacing the farmer’s invoice book, and helping farmers adapt to tax requirements and obligations.

Digital certification

3tentos has an exclusive team focused on issuing the ICP-Brazil Digital Certificate. With the digital certificate, the customer is able to issue electronic fiscal invoices via App 3tentos.
The issuance and instruction for using the Digital Certificate obeys the guidelines of Provisional Measure 2,200-2 and the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), thus guaranteeing security and agility in digital operations.

Partner Portal

The partner portal is the WEB tool for farmers, and is directly connected to App 3tentos. On the partner portal, farmers can enable their digital certificate for use in App 3tentos and consults reports and information for crop management.


Remote agronomic monitoring platform, using satellite images to monitor the vegetable health of soy, corn, wheat ,and rice, using NDVI and NDRE.